Sun Country Seat Selection

The Ins and Outs of Sun Country Airlines Seat Selection

As a low-cost carrier, Sun Country Airlines offers an unbundled fare structure that lets you pay for only the extras you want. One of those optional costs is seat selection. While some passengers prefer letting the airline randomly assign them a seat, others value the ability to reserve their spot in advance. If you fall into the latter camp, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Sun Country seat selection policies and fees.

The Basics of Sun Country Seat Selection

Sun Country utilizes a fairly standard approach when it comes to advanced seat assignments. You can choose your desired seat for a fee during the booking process or starting 24 hours after making your reservation. Fees vary based on the route and seat location.

  • It’s important to note that Sun Country does not offer complimentary pre-assigned seats, even for higher-fare classes or elite frequent flyers. Every passenger must pay to select seats in advance.
  • Sun Country’s seat selection fees depend on factors like flight duration, demand, and seat location. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 per person, per flight segment, to reserve an economy standard or exit row seat.
  • Standard economy seats tend to be on the lower end, around $10-20 each way for shorter routes under 3 hours. A standard picked seat on longer transcontinental flights may cost $30 or so.
  • For an exit row seat with extra legroom, expect to pay a fee from $30 to $50 in many cases. Sun Country charges premium pricing for these coveted spots.
  • It’s also worth noting that seat fees are charged per flight segment. So, on a one-stop itinerary, you’d pay the fee twice – once for the outbound and again for the return.
  • Finally, keep in mind that these fees are per person. If you have a larger group traveling together, the costs can quickly add up if everyone wants to select seats.

When Can You Pick Seats on Sun Country Airlines?

There are two windows for picking seats on Sun Country flights. The first opportunity is during the initial booking process before completing your reservation.

  • The second window opens 24 hours after you make your reservation. At that point, you can access your reservation on the Sun Country website or app or contact customer care by phone at +1 (651) 905-2737 or +1-844-499-2038 to purchase seat assignments.
  • Once the 24-hour window opens, it’s generally advisable to book seats as early as possible. Promptly select your preferred seats to avoid limited availability, particularly on popular routes, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  • Also, keep in mind that if you don’t select seats in advance, Sun Country will randomly assign you a seat. There’s no guarantee you’ll be seated together unless you pay for seat assignments.

Changing Your Sun Country Seat Selection

If your travel plans change or you simply decide that your initial seat selection isn’t ideal, you can change your seat through Sun Country Airlines’ “Manage Booking” feature. However, depending on the type of seat and your fare, changes may incur additional fees. For further details, contact Sun Country Airlines Representatives by phone at +1 (651) 905-2737 or +1-844-499-2038.

Sun Country Seat Selection

What If You Don’t Select a Seat?

Passengers who choose not to select a seat during the booking process will be assigned a seat randomly during check-in. Sun Country Airlines encourages families with children to select their seats in advance, as this will help ensure that your party is seated together during the flight. By taking proactive measures to choose your seats, you can enhance your family’s travel experience and avoid potential seating issues at the time of boarding.

Restrictions on Sun Country Seat Selection

Please note that Sun Country reserves some seats for passengers with specific needs, such as those traveling with service animals or requiring assistance, limiting seat selection availability.
Sun Country Airlines requires passengers to meet specific criteria before assigning exit row seats. Ensuring passengers meet these qualifications guarantees the safety and well-being of all individuals aboard the aircraft.


Sun Country Airlines’ seat selection process offers passengers the flexibility to personalize their travel experience. From standard seats to extra legroom options, there’s something for every traveler.

By understanding the various seating options, associated fees, and the process for selecting and changing seats, you will make informed choices. Also, you will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable Sun Country flight.


Are seat selections refundable?

No, seat selections are priced per seat, per flight segment, and are non-refundable. Seat prices range from $9 – $100 per segment, depending on the category and route. Services and amenities vary based on the selected seat category.

Can I select a seat during online check-in?

Yes, seat selection is available during online check-in. You can also select your seats in advance online at the time of booking or afterward, using the 6-letter Sun Country confirmation code or the code provided by a tour operator.

How do I select a seat on Sun Country Airlines?

To select a seat on Sun Country Airlines, visit their website or access their mobile app. Log in to the “Manage Trip” section using your last name and reservation code, then follow the prompts to select your preferred seat and pay any associated fees. You can also add or change seats during online check-in.

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