United Airlines Low Fare Calendar

How to Use United’s Low Fare Calendar to Plan Your Travel on a Budget

United Airlines understands the importance of affordability for modern travelers. Their Low Fare Calendar helps individuals discover fantastic deals on flights, ensuring they reach their dream destinations without breaking the bank. Let’s delve deeper into the world of the United Low Fare Calendar and learn how to unlock incredible value and memorable experiences.

How to Use the United Low Fare Calendar?

  • Visit the United Airlines Website: Access the United Airlines website and navigate to the flight booking section.
  • Select Your Travel Dates: Instead of choosing specific dates, click on the “Low Fare Calendar” option. This will display a calendar for your chosen month.
  • Input Your Departure and Destination Cities: Enter your departure and destination cities to get started.
  • Explore the Calendar: The calendar displays the lowest available fare for each day of the month. Days with the cheapest fares are highlighted in a different color or with a special marker.
  • Choose Your Flight Dates: Once you’ve identified the cheapest days, you can proceed to book your flights directly through the calendar interface.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

  • Adjust Your Travel Dates: If your travel plans are flexible, try shifting your dates by a day or two to take advantage of lower fares.
  • Book Early or Late: Booking well in advance or last minute can sometimes yield great deals. United often has promotions that target specific travel periods.
  • Sign Up for Alerts: United Airlines offers fare alerts that can notify you when prices drop for your desired route.
  • Utilize United’s MileagePlus Program: If you’re a frequent flyer, consider using your MileagePlus miles to book flights. Sometimes, using miles can be more cost-effective than paying in cash.

United Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Is the Low Fare Calendar available for all United Airlines routes?

The United Low Fare Calendar is available for the vast majority of routes that United Airlines operates, both domestically within the United States and on international routes as well. However, there may be some very limited exceptions or specialty routes where the calendar functionality is not provided.

In general, if United has regularly scheduled flight service between two airports or cities, the Low Fare Calendar should be accessible when searching that particular route on United’s website or mobile app. This allows you to view the cheapest fare options across a range of travel dates.

Can I combine Low Fare Calendar prices with other United deals?

Yes, in many cases, the low fares found on the United Low Fare Calendar can be combined with other United promotions, discounts, or loyalty program benefits to amplify savings even further.

Some examples of other United deals that may be “stacked” with Low Fare Calendar pricing include:

  • Flight discounts and promotional offers
  • Special fares for members of United’s SkyMiles loyalty program
  • Corporate/business travel rates and discounts
  • Vacation package deals bundling flights + hotels
  • United’s periodic award travel promotions for SkyMiles redemptions

However, it’s important to verify the terms and conditions, as some promotions explicitly exclude the ability to combine with other offers or discounted fares. Overall, United generally allows customers to stack Low Fare Calendar prices with the airline’s other promotions and loyalty benefits when terms permit maximizing overall savings.

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How far in advance can I view pricing on the calendar?

Typically, the United Low Fare Calendar allows you to view and book flights up to around 8-10 months in advance by contacting its phone number +1 (800) 864-8331 or +1-844-499-2038. However, the exact availability window can vary slightly.

Here are some more details on how far out you can see pricing on United’s Low Fare Calendar:

  • The calendar will display fare prices for dates up to 330-360 days (10-12 months) from the current date.
  • United opens its schedule and makes seats available for purchase around 330 days before each flight’s departure date.
  • You can view and book Low Fare Calendar prices for flights at any given time.
  • As you approach the current date, availability will extend further into the future on a rolling schedule.
  • However, United Airlines may occasionally open scheduling even further out during periods of schedule changes or adjustments.

You should frequently check the Low Fare Calendar, as demand and inventory can rapidly change pricing.

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United’s Low Fare Calendar has become a powerful tool for travelers looking to find great deals without sacrificing quality. By using it strategically, taking advantage of loyalty programs, and staying on top of the latest promotions, you can maximize your savings and create memorable travel experiences.


What is the United Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

The United Airlines Low Fare Calendar is an online tool for viewing the lowest available airfares across multiple travel dates. It displays fares in a calendar format with prices color-coded, making it easy to find the cheapest days to fly.

How do I access the Low Fare Calendar?

You can access the Low Fare Calendar directly on United’s website or mobile app by contacting its phone number at +1 (800) 864-8331 or +1-844-499-2038. Look for the “Low Fare Calendar” link or icon when viewing flights or searching for routes.

How does the Low Fare Calendar work?

Enter your desired travel route and date range, and the calendar will populate showing the lowest fares for each day during that period. Dates with lower fares are highlighted in green, while higher fares are shown in yellow, orange, or red.

What are the benefits of using the Low-Fare Calendar?

The main benefits are being able to quickly compare fares across multiple dates to find the cheapest options, as well as increased flexibility in travel planning to take advantage of the lowest prices.

Are there any special tips for using the Low Fare Calendar?

Be flexible with your travel dates if possible. Consider alternate nearby airports, as fares can vary. Sign up for fare alerts. And check frequently, as pricing can change rapidly.

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