Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

Comprehensive Guide to Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sun Country Airlines offers affordable flights across numerous destinations within the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Like many carriers, Sun Country has implemented a cancellation policy designed to accommodate passenger needs while balancing operational efficiency. Familiarize yourself with the relevant guidelines outlined below regarding Sun Country Airlines Cancellation to manage your upcoming trips better and navigate potential hiccups along the way.

Understanding Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sun Country Airlines provides several options for managing your reservations, including modifications and cancellations. Key aspects of the cancellation policy include:

  • Same-day confirmed changes and standby travel are permitted for a flat fee of $30 per guest plus any fare difference.
  • Changes made outside of same-day travel carry varying fees depending on the fare type and destination.
  • Full refunds are granted for cancellations within 24 hours of initial booking, provided that the departure date is at least one week away.
  • Most tickets become non-refundable once the 24-hour window elapses. Exemptions exist for military personnel and emergencies.

Sun Country Airlines Cancellation

A step-by-step guide to Cancel Your Sun Country Airlines Flight

To cancel your Sun Country Airlines reservation, follow these straightforward instructions:

  • Access My Trips: Log onto the Sun Country Airlines website ( and select ‘My Trips.’ Alternatively, sign in to your account directly or input your six-character booking reference alongside your last name.
  • Select Your Booking: Among the listed records, identify the reservation requiring modification. Click ‘Details’ beside it.
  • Initiate Change: From the displayed booking summary, opt for ‘Change / Cancel Flights,’ followed by ‘Cancel Flights.’
  • Review Fees and Funds: Double-check the attached cancellation fee and the net amount returned to your original form of payment. If satisfied, approve the cancellation.
  • Obtain Confirmation Number: Record the generated cancellation confirmation code for future reference. Soon, you will receive an email notification summarizing the transaction.

Note: Additionally, Call Sun Country Airlines Reservations Department dial +1-651-905-2737 or +1-844-499-2038 (available 24/7) and express your desire to cancel a flight reservation. Be prepared to share relevant booking details and answer security queries posed by the agent.

Special Considerations for Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

While navigating Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation procedures, consider the following special cases:

  1. Military Personnel: Active duty military personnel deployed overseas can benefit from reduced cancellation penalties when presenting appropriate orders. Submit the documentation within three months of deployment commencement to claim partial or complete refunds, minus the applicable service charges.
  2. Emergency Situations: Life-altering emergencies warrant flexible treatment under Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation policy. Examples comprise medical issues affecting passengers or close relatives, bereavement, and natural calamities. Contact Customer Care promptly, providing supporting evidence, to negotiate favorable resolutions.
  3. Expiring Credit Vouchers: Previously awarded credit vouchers remain valid for two years from the date of issuance. Utilize them efficiently before expiration to prevent the loss of residual values.
  4. Group Bookings: Groups consisting of ten or more individuals necessitate distinct handling rules. While individual reservations conform to regular cancellation norms, group leaders enjoy increased latitude concerning adjustments until seventy-two hours pre-departure. Beyond that threshold, customary penalties apply.
  5. Special Promotions: Periodically, promotional deals emerge offering unique benefits, such as extended grace periods or relaxed stipulations. Stay abreast of such opportunities to maximize savings and convenience.
  6. Seasonality: During peak seasons, availability dwindles, driving up prices and reducing flexibility. Conversely, off-peak intervals present chances for securing advantageous bargains coupled with lenient terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Sun Country Airlines’ rewards program points refundable upon cancellation?

A: Unfortunately, accumulated reward points lose their redeemed value upon cancellation. Remaining unredeemed points continue accruing within user accounts, subject to established Sun Country rewards program rules. For more details on this, Call the Sun Country Airlines Reservations Department at +1-651-905-2737 or +1-844-499-2038.

Q: Do ancillary purchases like seat selection or baggage allowances qualify for refunds?

A: Ancillaries generally fall outside the scope of standard cancellation coverage. Nevertheless, case-specific discretion occasionally permits partial recoveries. Consult Sun Country Airlines’ representatives for clarification.

Q: Is it feasible to transfer existing credits to different people?

A: Yes, Sun Country Airlines enables transfers among friends and family members. Simply log in to the designated platform, supply recipient details, and execute the shift.

Q: Does Sun Country Airlines permit same-day flight changes?

A: Yes, Sun Country Airlines allows same-day confirmed changes for a flat fee of $30 per guest, in addition to any fare differential. Availability depends on the requested flight, route, and seat inventory. Requests must be submitted at least two hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights and four hours for international flights.

Q: Is there a grace period for cancellations without penalties?

A: Yes, Sun Country Airlines grants a risk-free 24-hour cancellation period, during which you can cancel your reservation without facing any fees, provided the departure date is at least one week away. Afterward, regular cancellation policies apply.**

Q: Do Sun Country Airlines cancellation fees vary based on the length of the flight or destination?

A: Typically, cancellation fees are fixed regardless of flight duration or location. Yet, fare differences impacted by routing or seasonality may affect the ultimate cost. For precise details, refer to Sun Country Airlines’ official site or call the Reservations Department at +1-651-905-2737 or +1-844-499-2038.


Navigating Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation policy requires diligent research and proactive measures. Leverage the knowledge acquired herein to streamline processes, circumvent obstacles, and optimize outcomes. Remember that every situation varies; therefore, engage with customer care professionals whenever doubts arise. Above all, maintain adaptability amidst evolving industry trends and regulatory amendments. Safe travels await!

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