Emirates Seat Selection

The Ultimate Guide to Emirates Seat Selection

Are you planning a trip with Emirates Airlines and wondering how to choose the best seat for your journey? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the Emirates seat selection process, including tips and tricks to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

Overview Of Emirates Seat Selection

Emirates Airlines provides passengers with the opportunity to select their seats before their flight, enhancing the overall travel experience. This service allows travelers to customize their seating preferences according to their needs and comfort. Options typically include window seats for those who enjoy scenic views, aisle seats for easy movement, or middle seats for those traveling with companions. Passengers can choose seats near emergency exits for extra legroom or select seats closer to the front of the plane for quicker disembarkation. Emirates’ seat selection process is designed to accommodate various preferences, whether it’s for families wanting to sit together or individual travelers seeking specific locations within the aircraft. This feature contributes to a more personalized and comfortable journey.

Types of Seats on Emirates

Emirates offers four types of seats: Economy Class, Comfort Class, Business Class, and First Class. Each class offers a unique set of amenities and services, catering to different passenger needs and preferences.

  • Economy Class: Emirates Economy Class offers comfortable seating with a pitch of up to 34 inches and a width of up to 17 inches. Passengers can enjoy a range of amenities, including a personal entertainment system, meal service, and adjustable headrests.
  • Comfort Class: Comfort Class is Emirates’ premium economy product, offering more legroom and recline than Economy Class. The seat pitch is up to 38 inches, and the width is up to 19 inches. Passengers can enjoy priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling, as well as a more extensive meal service.
  • Business Class: Emirates’ Business Class offers a luxurious flying experience, with a seat that converts into a fully flat bed. The seat pitch is up to 72 inches, and the width is up to 20 inches. Passengers can enjoy gourmet cuisine, fine wines, and personalized service.
  • First Class: First Class is Emirates’ most luxurious product, offering a private suite with a fully flat bed, gourmet cuisine, and personalized service. The seat pitch is up to 86 inches, and the width is up to 23 inches. Passengers can also enjoy a range of exclusive amenities, including a personal mini-bar and a 24-inch entertainment screen.

Emirates Seat Selection

How to Select Your Seat on Emirates?

  • Online Booking: When booking your Emirates flight online, you will have the option to choose your seat during the booking process. Simply select the seat map and pick the seat that best suits your preferences.
  • Manage Booking: If you have already booked your flight and wish to select or change your seat, you can easily do so through the manage booking section on the Emirates website. Enter your booking details and select your desired seat, or contact Emirates representatives at +1 (800) 777-3999 or +1-844-499-2038 for assistance.
  • Check-In: Alternatively, you can choose your seat during the online check-in process. Emirates allows passengers to check in online 48 hours before the scheduled departure, giving you plenty of time to secure your preferred seat.

Benefits of Emirates Seat Selection

By selecting your seat in advance, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Comfort: Choose a seat that offers extra legroom or recline for a more comfortable journey.
  • Convenience: Select an aisle seat for easy access to the restroom or a window seat for a picturesque view.
  • Peace of Mind: Secure your preferred seat in advance and avoid the stress of last-minute seating arrangements.

Emirates Seat Selection Fees

Emirates Airlines offers complimentary seat selection to its passengers, allowing you to choose your seat at no additional cost. However, if you wish to select a seat with extra legroom or other premium features, you may be required to pay a fee. Make sure to check the seat selection fees during the booking process to avoid any surprises.

In Conclusion:

Emirates seat selection allows passengers to tailor their travel experience to their preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Whether you prioritize comfort, convenience, or peace of mind, selecting your seat in advance can make a world of difference. So, next time you book a flight with Emirates, don’t forget to choose your seat wisely for a seamless travel experience by calling Emirates phone number at +1 (800) 777-3999 or +1-844-499-2038 for assistance.


When can I select my seat on Emirates?

You can select your seat during booking, after Emirates booking through Manage Your Booking, or during online check-in, which opens 48 hours before your flight.

Is seat selection free on Emirates?

Seat selection is free for some fare types and loyalty program tiers. However, advance seat selection may be charged for Economy Special and Saver fares.

How do I choose my seat on Emirates?

You can select your seat online through the Emirates website or mobile app or call Emirates at +1 (800) 777-3999 or +1-844-499-2038 for assistance. You can also request a seat at the check-in counter at the airport.

Can I change my seat after I’ve made a selection?

Yes, you can change your seat up until check-in closes, subject to availability and any applicable fees.

Are there any seats that cost extra to select?

Yes, Emirates offers preferred seats with extra legroom or better locations for an additional fee.

What if I don’t select a seat before my flight?

If you don’t select a seat, one will be automatically assigned to you during check-in.

Are emergency exit row seats available for selection?

Yes, but they may have restrictions and could incur an additional fee. Passengers must meet certain criteria to sit in these rows.

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