Alaska Airlines Change Flight

Understanding Alaska Airlines’ Change Flight Policy 

For travelers looking to modify their Alaska Airlines flight reservations, it’s important to understand the airline’s change flight policy. Whether you need to adjust your travel dates, times, or even your destination, Alaska Airlines Change Flight offers options to make changes, though fees and restrictions may apply depending on your ticket type and the circumstances surrounding the change request.

Overview of Alaska Airlines Change Flight

Alaska Airlines allows customers to change their flight reservations for a fee, which varies based on factors such as the ticket type, time remaining until the scheduled departure, and whether the change involves rescheduling or rerouting the flight.

Generally, the change flight fee starts at $125 per person for most paid tickets when changes are made prior to the departure time. However, for travelers with fully refundable tickets or those who have elite status in Alaska’s Mileage Plan loyalty program, change fees may be waived or reduced.

It’s important to note that any change that results in a higher fare will require the passenger to pay the difference in fare in addition to any applicable change fees.

Allowable Changes

Alaska Airlines permits changes to the date, time, origin, destination, and routing of a flight. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions that apply:

  • Date/Time Changes: Customers can change their travel dates or times by paying the applicable change fee and any fare difference.
  • Origin/Destination Changes: Changing the origin or destination city is allowed, but it is treated as a completely new reservation, and the passenger will need to pay the change fee plus the fare difference for the new itinerary.
  • Routing Changes: Altering a flight’s routing by adding or removing stopovers or connections is permitted, but it may result in additional fees or fare differences.
  • Name Changes: Alaska Airlines does not allow name changes on existing reservations. If a name needs to be corrected, the passenger must cancel the original reservation and book a new one. For more details, call Alaska Airlines’ reservations hotline at +1 (800) 252-7522 or +1-844-499-2038.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight

Change Fee Waivers and Exceptions

While Alaska Airlines waives or reduces change fees under certain circumstances:

  • Elite Status: Members of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan loyalty program with elite status enjoy waived or reduced change fees.
  • Refundable Tickets: Passengers who have purchased fully refundable tickets can make changes without incurring change fees.
  • Schedule Changes: If Alaska Airlines makes a significant schedule change to a flight, such as a departure time change of more than 60 minutes, passengers can change their flights without paying a change fee.
  • Special Circumstances: In certain exceptional situations, such as natural disasters, severe weather, or other events beyond the airline’s control, Alaska Airlines may offer change fee waivers or flexible rebooking options.

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How to Change Alaska Airlines Flight?

To change a flight on Alaska Airlines, passengers have several options:

  • Online: Customers can log into their account on the Alaska Airlines website. After that, they can make changes to their reservations through the “Manage Reservations” section.
  • Mobile App: Alaska Airlines offers a mobile app that allows travelers to view and modify their itineraries on the go.
  • Airport Counters: Passengers can visit an Alaska Airlines customer service counter at the airport to request flight changes in person.
  • Reservations Hotline: Travelers can call Alaska Airlines’ reservations hotline at +1 (800) 252-7522 or +1-844-499-2038 to speak with an agent and make changes over the phone.

Additional Considerations

When changing an Alaska Airlines flight, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Ticket Validity: Any changes made to a reservation must adhere to the ticket’s validity rules. It may include restrictions on travel dates, blackout periods, or minimum/maximum stay requirements.
  • Fare Rules: The fare rules associated with the original ticket may impact the ability to make changes, as well as the fees and fare differences involved.
  • Cancellations: If a passenger needs to cancel their flight entirely, Alaska Airlines’ cancellation policies and fees will apply. It can vary based on the ticket type and time of cancellation.
  • Refunds: In some cases, particularly with fully refundable tickets or significant schedule changes, passengers are eligible for a refund rather than a change.

Note: For more details, travelers can also call Alaska Airlines’ reservations hotline at +1 (800) 252-7522 or +1-844-499-2038.

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By understanding Alaska Airlines’ change flight policy, including fees, restrictions, and exceptions, travelers can make informed decisions and plan accordingly when modifying their travel arrangements. Whether seeking greater flexibility or adjusting plans due to unforeseen circumstances, Alaska Airlines offers options to accommodate changes, albeit with potential additional costs and conditions.


How much does it cost to change a flight on Alaska Airlines?

The change fee for most paid tickets on Alaska Airlines is $125 per person. However, the fee may be higher for certain types of fares. Elite members of Alaska’s Mileage Plan and passengers with fully refundable tickets can often change flights without paying a change fee or by calling Alaska Airlines at +1 (800) 252-7522 or +1-844-499-2038.

Can I change my origin or destination city on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can change your origin or destination city on Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines will process this as a completely new booking. You will need to pay the applicable change fee (if any) plus the fare difference for the new itinerary.

What happens if Alaska Airlines changes my flight schedule?

If Alaska Airlines makes a significant schedule change to your flight, such as a departure time change of more than 60 minutes, you generally change your flight without paying a change fee. Alaska may also offer additional compensation or rebooking options depending on the extent of the schedule change.

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