Terms and condition

Terms and condition

Flightslineup is always trying to give the best service and is available 24/7. And believe in keeping transparency. See some terms and conditions, which will keep you more clear.

There will be us instead of you while booking.

You are not traveling alone. We are with you on your journey. We manage all your things by booking confirmation. However, we are not responsible for your dissatisfaction with the partner’s service.

If you book a flight through us and you experience damage or loss, it is not our responsibility.

Information should be correct.

Please complete every piece of information correctly. Otherwise, your smooth journey will be converted into a rough trip. So, recheck the information before proceeding with the confirmation.

Security guaranteed

When you are looking for any service with Flightslineup, you will definitely have to fill in the personal details, such as name, contact details, residential, and payment details. This will help us complete the booking fluently. After that, your details will be secured.

Read plan carefully

You will have to pay attention after the confirmation when applying for the booking. If anything is misleading, Flightslineup is not responsible for it.

Inscribe jot down

  • You can not make the changes. You can make the changes to the mentioned policy.
  • Do not share your client ID with anyone.
  • You can’t book any spot for anyone without any permission.

Payment Terms

  • Every airline has its guidelines and rules regarding payment.
  • Every airline has its charge, and it is based on its fare and seat type.
  • If you are late at the airport, you will not receive a discount for it because the flight will not take off before 3 hours.
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